Top 5 yoga poses for women

Women go through different phases in life – from a teenager to becoming a mother, menopause and old age. All these stages cause various physical changes in one’s body. In order to stay fit and flexible all the time, Danielle Collins, a face yoga expert who is also a believer and practitioner of yoga, Pilates and well being, lists out top 5 yoga poses that every woman should incorporate in her exercise regimen.

I would recommend a balance pose, a twist pose, a forward bend/inversion pose, a back bend and a side bend for women.

Back bend: Camel pose

The camel pose is excellent for strengthening the spine, opening the chest and toning the thighs. If you spend a lot of time sat down, it is a Continue reading Top 5 yoga poses for women


Rice and Porridge – Winter Recipe

Winter is the perfect season for congee or porridge. Porridge for breakfast is an important aspect of preventative health and one that resonates with many other civilizations. In the north of China, it is traditionally millet. In Russia, barley porridge is the tradition. In Europe, Oat porridge was the stable breakfast. In South America, corn gruel… Central America beans and rice is the base. In the pacific islands it is taro root porridge. Porridge is the meal whether you are sick or well. It is easy to digest, nutritious and the perfect food for healing when you are sick or not feeling well. Many ingredients can be added to vary the actions of the porridge so that it acts like a medicine. With porridge as the base you can mix in lots of other ingredients for effect, flavor and enjoyment. The longer it cooks, the more thoroughly the ingredients blend with the rice, which ensures the healing properties can be fully ingested. Continue reading Rice and Porridge – Winter Recipe

Fitness Trends 2013: The Top Exercise Trends

It’s time to put away the fancy workout gear and bring out the towel and mat.

Fitness experts predict 2013 is all about getting back to the basics, making fitness more convenient, and sticking to the trends people already love.

“People want to get fit, get healthy and lose weight — this is nothing new. But what we’ve seen in the last four to five years is people want to get fit and healthy and do more than just lose weight,” says Continue reading Fitness Trends 2013: The Top Exercise Trends

The Posture Trick That Beats Stress

Stop the slump! Sitting up at your desk can help you deal with a stressful day, suggests new research from New Zealand.

In the study, people who were told to sit with their backs upright and shoulders straight reported higher self-esteem, a better mood, and lower levels of fear after a nerve-racking public speaking task. Meanwhile, participants who sat with their heads bowed, shoulders rounded, and backs stooped fared worse.

The sitters with better posture also felt stronger and more enthusiastic than the slouchers.

“There are physiological links between our brains and our bodies so that muscle positions can affect the functioning of our nervous and endocrine systems,” says study author Elizabeth Broadbent, Ph.D. “Sitting upright allows the nervous system to respond to the stressor better.”

Slash stress before it starts: If you have to make it through a big presentation or important sales call, make sure you’re not hunched over in your seat.

Winter Wonder Body Workout

Tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning? Do you find it hard to keep up the workouts during winters? Hibernating isn’t going to burn you any calories! Winter-proof your workout and lose weight instead of putting it on during the colder seasons! Winter incites to pack on the pounds. But this great no-equipment body-weight winter workout, that you can do anywhere, can help you shed some fat and build lean muscle.


Combat the winter blahs and keep your physique in optimal shape throughout the winter season. Stay motivated for winter workouts, and reshape your physique!

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